The Tide Turns in the United States and Surges Towards Canada

I believe that quite often social movements begin in the United States and make their way up to Canada. It is through this lens that I have been delightfully encouraged; legislative pro-life change is taking place in the U.S.

As caring, politically minded pro-lifers we try and watch for changes of thought in society and pressures etc. that will tip us off as to which battles could be winnable today. It is very evident that the fetal pain at 20 weeks argument is taking hold in the U.S.. In fact, 12 states since 2010 have passed laws banning abortion after 20 weeks ( of coarse Texas being the most recent) .

The day after an in-depth discussion on this topic I was sent a New York Times article entitled “Theory on Pain is Driving Rules for Abortion.” Although this article is presented from a pro-abortion perspective there is no doubt that even the mainstream American media cannot deny what is happening in their country.

I have shared these thoughts with other pro-life organizations within Canada and have found them eager to concur with my conclusions. I am thankful to see how many pro-life leaders in Canada are on the same page in recognizing that incremental goals can be reached.

At The Wilberforce Project AGM we decided unanimously to support any gestational incremental legislation with the understanding that any legislation opens the door to more legislation, saves lives and acts as a stepping stone to the end result.


Pope John Paul II said "You are called to stand up for life! You are called to work and pray against abortion……….”


Those of us who stand up for life will not stop until all life is protected. We look for the stepping stones that will take us there. As Ms. Schmit-Albin stated in the previously mentioned NY Times article,




“Our mission is to restore legal protection to unborn life from the moment of conception,” she said. “This is a marathon.”


It is a marathon. Like any marathon it starts with the first step. Thank you for running this marathon with us together we will run for life and not stop until we reach the ultimate goal – protection for ALL.

For information about fetal pain please Click HERE.