"You may choose to look away, but you can never again say that you did not know."

William Wilberforce

  • Alberta Abortion Statistics

    Alberta Abortion Statistics

    Over 13,000 abortions were reported in Alberta during 2014. But that's not the whole story. TWP has dug up the numbers behind the numbers... Read More


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  • Political Activism and News


    • Parental Consent Petition - click here to print and circulate to friends and family.  *Note: For petitions being presented provincially a paper copy is required for it to be considered.


    EUTHANASIA - is now legal in Canada. For more information on euthanasia click here.



  • Upcoming Events

    1. Unite Life!   A one day meeting for all pro-life leaders and influencers in Alberta.

    Unite LIFE

    Contact our office to learn more.   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    2. Brain and Boot Camp Political Internership   ~ Click here




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