Would you like to book us to speak in your community, place of worship, school or home?  We are dedicated to spreading the truth and offer this service for FREE.  Please contact us for more details.


Tic Talk 
TIC TALK is our newest presentation!  This step by step presentation teaches pro-lifers how, when and where to gain maximum influence in the political system.  We can do a 20 minute presentation or go more in-depth for an hour. Political change is possible, learn how now!

Exposed is a powerful educational tool covering the biology, statistics and other facts of abortion. The majority of Christians, and even many pro-lifers, do not know the whole story. Available in a 20 minute or 1 hour presentation
Together We Win is a 20 minute summary of The Wilberforce Project.  It is a great way to learn more about our specific projects and goals, and understand how your financial partnership can help make it a reality.  This is most suitable for organizations, churches, philanthropists and donor-hosted coffee parties.