Have questions? Here are some that we often get asked....

1. Who is Wilberforce, and why did you name your organization after him?

        William Wilberforce was a British parliamentarian who led the fight to abolish slavery in the British Empire in the 1700s, and was eventually successful, with the help of a dedicated band of supporters. The decision to give our organization his name was a deliberate choice to align our cause to the great social reform movements of the past. In particular, we picked Wilberforce as he comes from the British parliamentary tradition which Canada shares, because of his long dedication and perservernce to his cause (it took him a lifetime of work to accomplish his goal), and because of his Christian faith, which informed and inspired the work he did. Click here to learn more about Wilberforce.

2. Why take "pro-life" out of your name? Are you ashamed of that label?

        On the contrary, we are extremely proud to be known as "pro-lifers"! But the sad reality is that the name "pro-life" is one that often will shut down conversations in our society at large, and we want to open the conversation up again. We believe that a new name will bring us a new audience, and attract new people to our cause. But of course, it's not just about the name. Our mandate has not changed, but along with the changed name we feel we have captured a more focussed vision that will inform our work. Our cause, the belief that all of humanity deserves the basic right to life, is just as valid as other social justice movements such as the abolition of slavery, women's right, civil rights for African-Americans, etc. We feel our name positions ourselves in the midst of those other movements, and will help our cause to resonate in the wider society.

3. So you just picked this name out of a hat? What was involved?

      The "rebranding" of Alberta Pro Life was a process that lasted approximately 2 years. Our organization had reached a crossroad, and we felt we needed to take a long, hard look at  who we are, what we did, and whether or not we were effective. We asked uncomfortable questions, and determined that we would have everything "on the table" for discussion. The Board spent many hours in discussion, thought, and prayer as we worked through these issues. The fruit of those deliberations led, after about a year, to the hiring of a company that could help us take the practical steps of rebranding and marketing. This company has worked with non-profits in the U.S., including many pro-life organizations. The new name and sharpened focus of The Wilberforce Project came out of a series of meetings and interviews with the representatives of this company.

4. I like what you are doing, how can I get involved?

       There are numerous ways to join us in our work. Click on the links below for more info:

       Membership - the core of our organization. Let your voice be heard - together we are stronger.

       Volunteer - many hands make light work. Won't you help us?

     Ultimately most of what we hope to do can only be accomplished through the generosity of our donors.


 We would love to chat with you about these or any other questions you might have about The Wilberforce Project! Give our office a call, visit our facebook page, or tweet us!