"You may choose to look away, but you can never again say that you did not know."

William Wilberforce

  • Alberta Abortion Statistics

    Alberta Abortion Statistics

    Over 13,000 abortions were reported in Alberta during 2010. But that's not the whole story. TWP has dug up the numbers behind the numbers... Read More



  •   Political Happenings


    Click Here to read an article entitled High court strikes down abortion clinic buffer zones

    Click Here to read - Quebec Approves Bill Legalizing Euthanasia on Demand

    Click Here  for a story called Canada's Liberal Party votes to support legal euthanasia  

      Click Here for an article entitled Tory grassroots condemn abortion, oppose euthanasia                                              

    Click here for the Calgary Herald editorial entitled Limiting Abortions Shows Political Courage

  • Upcoming Events

    The Wilberforce Project is pleased to announce that we will have an MLA present a petition on our behalf, in the Alberta Legislature. 

    CLICK HERE  for a printable/downloadable version of this petition. Petitions may be mailed ( digital or otherwise) to The Wilberforce Project Office.


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