“I believe VERY STRONGLY that in this world you have to have values and you have to stand up for your interests and if you don’t do these things you’re not going to get anywhere.”

These words were spoken by our Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

I commend each of you reading this who have values and prioritize them enough to stand for change.

We speak out because we choose to be a voice for the voiceless, help our economy and bring healing to our land.

We live in Canada, a democratic country. Upon reading the definition of democracy I came to a sentence that struck me, it reads; “democracy is the free and equal representation of people: the free and equal right of every person

Here at The Wilberforce Project our mission statement is “We are the provincial group that defends every person’s right to life through education, public awareness and political advocacy.

In other words The Wilberforce Project serves to CONNECT - Like minded groups and individuals throughout Alberta

PROJECT – a strong voice of compassion and reason through education and public awareness

PROTECT - The most vulnerable in our society by advocating for political change

The statement that struck me within the definition of democracy is its claim to represent the equal right of every person….. EVERY PERSON.

The Wilberforce Project is named after a politician, William Wilberforce, who, although living in a democracy was in a society that deemed some human beings as non-persons. In his day slavery was accepted as the norm.

Wilberforce faced this injustice head on with courage and resolve; as a result he was instrumental in bringing an end to the slave trade.

We live in a democratic society that is equally as guilty as Wilberforce’s was. In Alberta 36 preborn people are killed each day because of abortion. This indeed is not respecting an equal right for EVERY PERSON

Abortion scars us emotionally and physically as a people, the sonic boom of government funded abortion indeed affects every area of Canada’s society.

Moral issues are never self – contained. The social poison of abortion has snaked its way into ALL areas of Canadian life.

Like you, I give money to my government, in the form of taxes, for the betterment of my society and fellow man.

The knowledge that my provincial government uses a portion of this money to kill innocent babies, scaring families and crippling our economy in the process is not OK with me.

To my government I give….. Indeed to our government all Albertans give:

To babies -Albertans give - over 13000 deaths each year through abortion, 13,000 unique individuals whose hair color, talents and DNA were uniquely set in place upon conception. 13,000 completely innocent human beings lose their lives; the vast majority of them because their existence is inconvenient at the time. Each one of us here today could have been murdered by our mothers before birth in this country. Ronald Reagan said, “"I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion is already born." The thousands that lost their lives do not have a chance to speak for change in their defense. Only we, fortunate survivors can do that on their behalf.

To Women – Albertans give towards pain and suffering. Women enter Alberta clinics at any age without parental consent, make decisions without being given proper information and leave broken. Broken emotionally - because of the horror and realization of what they did and often crippled by the heartbreaking depression and psychological damage done, broken physically- with an increased risk of breast cancer, placenta previa, miscarriages and infertility.

To Our faith community – Albertans give forced anti-faith participation

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms states: that all Canadians have the fundamental freedom of conscience and religion. Forcing individuals who, as the very core of their faith believe that killing another human being is wrong; to help fund this act contradicts our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If our society is so willing to turn a blind eye to the first freedom listed under the heading of Fundamental Freedoms where the government accountability and stability is this Charter is supposed to protect?

To our economy Albertans give – unemployment and insecurity

I spoke with a concerned Albertan recently who said, “Abortion kills my customers and takes my old age pension.” According to an article written by Tim Shaughnessy when it comes to economics people are THE ULTIMATE RESOURCE. Shaughnessy shares stats proving that reducing a population hinders economic growth. This is a truth that China is currently being faced with.

According to stats Canada, seniors will outnumber children in our nation by the year 2016. A Sharp decline in the number of Canadians workers ultimately is expected to follow.

Ironically our self centered mentality will leave us with no security for the future when it comes to senior’s pensions and economic stability.

Canada’s birthrate does not even match the replacement level rate. Abortion truly is killing our nation in every sense of the word.

I will never again sit by and let our government use my taxes to give death, pain and suffering to individuals, our economy and our future security.

William Wilberforce said, “Great indeed are our opportunities; great also is our responsibility.”

Alberta is a great province; the land of opportunity. We are a culture blessed with plenty; we have had many people go before us who governed this province with wisdom and intelligence. We count on this legacy and appeal to our representatives today to stop the government funding of abortion for the future of us all.


A speech given by our Executive Director from the steps of the Alberta Legislature to attendees of The Defund Abortion Rally held on October 3rd 2013.